Crop Update

The 2017 peach crop has come to an end. There are no more peaches to be picked for the year.  The mild winter did not give the trees enough cold weather to produce a crop this season. All of our roadside locations are close for the year, but our Country Store in Fairfield is still open! We have all of our normal goodies- ice cream, pie, cobbler, jams, jellies, sodas, candies, and lots of other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Figs and cucumbers are a major crop being harvested at Cooper Farms right now. Figs, contrary to peaches, prefer a mild winter and set great this year. We are picking wonderful yields and have plenty! Our pickling cucumbers are also in full harvest. We have both of these crops available everyday at the store. Figs are sold by the basket (approximately 2 pints) and cucumbers can be purchased in various sizes all the way from a small basket to a half bushel box. They are perfect size for pickling and salads!

We are open at exit 198 on the west side of interstate 45 everyday from 7am- 9pm including weekends and holidays. Stop in for free samples of ice cream and homemade fudge!

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