It’s Time for Peaches Again

Spring did arrive in full color and without apology.  We are harvesting the early varieties that only  make it if there hasn’t been too much cold weather.  This winter was mild,and so here we are with pretty, bright, spring peaches!  And even though the later varieties do require more cold, they somehow got just the amount needed to keep them showing out.  So get ready13133134_10100625827603971_3598869616861567042_n for lots of beautiful peaches for us to eat!

13138874_10154049209849002_7779350248674624231_n (1)
Inspecting peaches as they are being picked and brought to the trailer

For now the Cooper Farms Country Store is in full swing with peaches everywhere.  We have yellow peaches,white peaches, donut peaches,  yellow nectarines, white nectarines,  donut nectarines and plums.


Deliveries have been made to most of the Central Markets stores for those of you who are not able to get to Fairfield right now.  So look for Texas Peaches there!  As soon as we have enough peaches to go to other stores, we will be posting that on our Facebook page.  Please “like” us to get updates.

Brady Johnson, now in charge of day-to-day farming operations.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Peaches Again

  1. Are the Huntsville peaches available now at the roadside station everyday.
    Thank you

    713 4600823

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