COOPER FARMS Roadside Stands Are Now OPEN with PEACHES and More!!

We are happy to announce all the roadside stands will be open by June 11th.  The towns we have selected for a roadside stand are


See our .Locations Page for more days, hours, and addresses.

The farm has been an active place this year.  We did get our share of the truly needed Texas spring rains and now it looks like the sunny heat is going to settle in for a while and sweeten up all these beautiful peaches.  We have plenty of yellow peaches, white peaches, and even donut peaches in bulkdonut peaches.  Along with peaches, each day the picking trailer is filled to the brim with  other soft fruits, such as white nectarines, yellow nectarines, a variety of field trial 1285plums,nectarines 2 and apricots.   But there is even more to talk about than just the soft fruits!  With the drought now a memory, and the soil replenished, we have been able to come back with Blackberries,1427 Tomatoes, cucumbersCucumbers, Figs, and



Watermelons.  So if you get carried away when you stop by to see us, it’s okay!  Take advantage of a great harvest this year.  We hope to hear from you this weekend as you visit our locations.

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