Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

IMG_4049IMG_0057When you travel through Fairfield, Texas this weekend, don’t forget to stop off at  Cooper Farms Country Store where Ben Cooper has ready for you some great looking produce and PEACHES!!  Also jarred products ~ from pickles to salsa to preserves.  This is a great place to get gas for your car, ice-cream for your kids, and restroom break for the whole family.  See you in a few hours! – and Happy Mother’s Day

store gas pumpIMG_2047IMG_4047


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

    1. Sue,
      If you could tell us which variety in particular you are interested in, we can tell you when ready. It is difficult anymore to list all the varieties because we have so many. (Texas A&M has introduced many different varieties which they are observing in our orchards). When they are ready changes each year depending on the weather conditions. I can tell you that right now we are picking cling peaches (Junegold and Regal). Freestone peaches will start ripening around mid-June. I hope this helps and I will be happy to answer on a specific variety if you have a particular one in mind. Have a blessed day – Kathy Cooper 903-388-6087

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