The first picking of 2015 was today

Wilson OrchardWe looked quite comical, really. We have been thinking maybe by Friday. However, while giving a tour today, we walked over to a row to just “take a look”.  To our surprise the little guys were actually ready to let go of the branch! So we called Liz to bring some empty new boxes to the field straightway. timmehNo sooner did we get started picking when a cool spring shower became a downpour and we were running for cover. Empty boxes were thrown into the truck’s back seat to keep from getting wet.   Then the truck gears were thrown into “drive fast”, and Brady headed for covering to keep the already picked peaches from experiencing the downpour.    But all is well that ends well. We gave the rains permission to play out while we regrouped and prepared ourselves much better.011

Once the rains passed we did manage to finish out the row and get the peaches up to Cooper Farms Country Store. This should get us started and we will have plenty for Mother’s Day in Fairfield. Now that we know it’s time for picking, we will make sure we are better prepared for rain! and we will have enough boxes…. and hats…. and sunscreen….and good sense of humor…

Tim Cooper

That first day of picking always catches us off guard.  We never know the exact  day.  It’s a sweet, gentle reminder of this fact ~ Our heavenly Father still determines when we begin the new season.  We can make plans but it is He who orders our steps.  Thankful for the rain.  Thankful for the first picking of peaches.  Thankful HE orders our steps.

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