Thanks To All Who Helped Make This a Great Growing Season – Our Dogs Are Tired!!

335Our Dogs are Tired!  It was non-stop, harvesting days from June to way into August.  Just as suddenly as they began, they also came to a halt.  We are still picking enough to offer a basket or bag at our country store if you are passing through; however, not enough for a special trip from a distance.  We hope you liked what you got this summer.  We ate a lot of them on the picking crew and it felt good to know they were going to be good and sweet when everyone returned home with theirs.Cooper Farms Peach 2014 2

It is now time to turn to other chores around the farm.  Once the peaches are gone we are readying the greenhouse for new tomato plants for the fall.  Also broken tree limbs in the orchards need cutting, young trees need hoeing out around the trunks, and tractors need preventative maintenance.  So Tim will be trying to get all that accomplished soon.  Liz and Brady head back to Texas A&M for their senior year where they are majoring in horticulture.  Ben has some good things in store at our Cooper Farms Country Store, so we hope you continue to stop in during the year and see what he has baked up each day.

IMG_8618Our family just wants to say thank you for including us in your summer events.  We are thankful and grateful for all the blessings God has showered on us.  We also thank him for all the lessons we have learned this year.  Our heavenly Father is faithful to never leave us.  Because of Jesus Christ we have hope for the future and confidence to greet each morning with purpose and anticipation.  What more could a farmer and his family desire.

Have a blessed day,

Kathy Cooper

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