Peaches are Still With Us; However, the Out-of-Town Locations are closing down quickly

picking peaches

Out of Town Roadside Stands will be closing down one at a time in the upcoming weeks as we begin to keep the peaches available for our Fairfield store.


We will no longer be at the Waco location after today (Thursday, July 24th, 2014) and have already ruled out the Centerville location.  Conroe and Huntsville are open today and will be open Friday and Saturday of this week.  If we still have enough peaches, Conroe and Huntsville will also be open the next week on Friday, August 1st, and Saturday, August 2ndbags.

What we truly thought was going to be a short crop because of the early March freezes ended up being the most beautiful crop we have seen in a long time.  Though the yields were down, the fruit has made up for it in size and beauty.  It is a joy to walk up to a tree and just be in awe of what God provided for us to pick!  We hope you are enjoying what has come off the trees this year.

We still have plenty of peaches in Fairfield and plan to have enough for many weeks to come still.  So come see us while the peaches are here.

treestimmeh orchard

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