HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS – get ready here we come!

043 (2) Our daughter, Elizabeth Cooper, along with Brooke Johnson, will be in Huntsville this coming Saturday and Sunday at the Phillips 66 station, also known as Skippers.  This location is at exit 116 on I-45 on the east side of the interstate next door to Mcdonald’s .  Elizabeth will have yellow peaches, white peaches, tomatoes, squash,and possibly nectarines.  Those wanting overripes, she will have those as well, first come first serve!  Her stand opens at 9 am and we need her rolling out of Huntsville about 4 pm.

Also Centerville will have a stand on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Los Robles restaurant on the west side of I-45.

If you are near any of these locations, please take advantage of the opportunity to get some fresh picked peaches. We have have been in the orchards all day today getting enough peaches for the weekend.  The day was perfect!  Cool temperatures with a rain shower right about noon. cherry tomatos tomato While waiting for the rain to stop, we slipped over to the greenhouses and picked some nice red juicy tomatoes. That done we were able to get back to work on the peach picking.  Yall are coming after them faster than we can keep up almost!  Thank you so much.

If you are wondering about any other locations, for now Huntsville and Centerville is all we will have open besides here in Fairfield.  In the Dallas area, Central Market Dallas, Central Market Plano, and Central Market Ft. Worth will get a delivery Friday morning.

6 thoughts on “HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS – get ready here we come!

    1. Cucumbers will be available on the truck in Huntsville. We are not yet picking figs, but figs will be available in the near future.

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