2014 Peach Season Fairfield, Texas

Cooper Farms Peach 2014      This time of year we are up early and ready to greet the day.  Spring came in cold and icy as our first blooms were showing off with a beautiful pink splendor.  The ice and temps were no match for those first blooms and they soon shriveled away.  However, what remained on the trees were not affected.  Not having to compete with the peaches that had bloomed before, the peaches left on the tree have taken in the spring rains and made a nice show of themselves in the end.  There appears to be a very manageable harvest and plenty to go around to all the roadside locations along with a few grocery stores and restaurants.

We encourage you to stop by a stand and get a taste of each week’s picking.  They get bigger and sweeter as the season progresses.  We have a few more weeks of cling peaches, and once summer arrives (around June 21, give or take a few days) the freestones start their season.  We were talking to a customer a few days ago about how we wait patiently for freestones to follow clings and how God ordained it to be that way.  Could it be we need to cling to him, and only after clinging to him are we truly free?  Nature is constantly pointing us to our creator and redeemer even in something a simple and awesome as a peach.

   Over the years, many of our customers inquire of our family.  You have watched our farm grow and our children grow since we began in 1983.Cooper Family 6  Our older son, Ben, is finished with his education and works alongside us by managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations at the Cooper Farms Country Store in Fairfield, Texas.  Elizabeth , our younger daughter, along with her husband-to-be (there is a wedding in the air)  attend Texas A&M where they both are majoring in Horticulture.  They both plan to take over the growing side upon graduation.  Tim and Kathy continue to work diligently with day to day operations around the farm, making sure the trees stay current and healthy.

This is the first post for the 2014 season.  We will try to keep you posted here for roadside openings, varieties being picked, and exciting offerings at our country store.  School has let out, vacations have started, Father’s Day is around the corner.  May everyone get off to a good start, have safe travels, and a blessed summer.

God is good all time and all the time God is GOOD!

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