The first picking of 2015 was today

Wilson OrchardWe looked quite comical, really. We have been thinking maybe by Friday. However, while giving a tour today, we walked over to a row to just “take a look”.  To our surprise the little guys were actually ready to let go of the branch! So we called Liz to bring some empty new boxes to the field straightway. timmehNo sooner did we get started picking when a cool spring shower became a downpour and we were running for cover. Empty boxes were thrown into the truck’s back seat to keep from getting wet.   Then the truck gears were thrown into “drive fast”, and Brady headed for covering to keep the already picked peaches from experiencing the downpour.    But all is well that ends well. We gave the rains permission to play out while we regrouped and prepared ourselves much better.011

Once the rains passed we did manage to finish out the row and get the peaches up to Cooper Farms Country Store. This should get us started and we will have plenty for Mother’s Day in Fairfield. Now that we know it’s time for picking, we will make sure we are better prepared for rain! and we will have enough boxes…. and hats…. and sunscreen….and good sense of humor…

Tim Cooper

That first day of picking always catches us off guard.  We never know the exact  day.  It’s a sweet, gentle reminder of this fact ~ Our heavenly Father still determines when we begin the new season.  We can make plans but it is He who orders our steps.  Thankful for the rain.  Thankful for the first picking of peaches.  Thankful HE orders our steps.

Welcome to Cooper Farms!

Cooper Farms is located in Fairfield, Texas. Our main crop is peaches.
We also grow greenhouse tomatoes, figs, and plums.

We will be using this blog to provide updates to our beloved customers on all things Cooper Farms related!

Have a blessed day! ♥

Fall is here at Cooper Farms Country Store


Outdoor pumpkin pile

The store’s parking lot, gas pumps, and sidewalks are spilling over with pumpkins of every size and shape.  This time of the year is always fun and colorful for Cooper Farms Country Store.  There is a change over from peaches (though we are still picking a few!) to pumpkins and all the good eats that can be made with them.  851

1207 (2)

pecans swirling around in roasting machine

There is pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin bread, pumpkin candy, and even pumpkin pie soda pop!

And don’t forget the roasted pecans, spiced pecans, chocolate covered pecans, or a pecan pie.


020 (2)

tomato plants ready to be transplanted

018 (2)Meanwhile at the farm, we are still picking a few figs and a few peaches.  The tomato seedlings have sprouted and transplanted in the greenhouses for our winter tomato crop.  It’s just a matter of taking care of them and allowing them to grow.  We hope to have a crop of grape tomatoes sometime in mid-November.


Texas A&M experimental research wind tunnel

Coming soon to our wind tunnel will be blackberry plants.  Our hope is we can grow blackberries year round for the country store in Fairfield.  So we have taken out the peach trees and we are preparing the area for blackberry plants we have on order.



Brady and Elizabeth Cooper Johnson

We saved the best news for last.  Tim and Kathy Cooper would like to announce the marriage of their daughter, Elizabeth Cooper to Brady Johnson, son of Jerry and Chifawn Johnson, of Fairfield, Texas.  They were married at First Baptist Church in Fairfield on September 13th 2014.  Elizabeth and Brady are attending Texas A&M University in College Station where they are majoring in horticulture. Both Elizabeth and Brady are currently employed with Cooper Farms. They plan to reside in Fairfield upon completion of college next May and continue working in the family business.  Congratulations to a fine couple!

God is Good All the Time and All the Time God is Good,

Tim and Kathy Cooper

Thanks To All Who Helped Make This a Great Growing Season – Our Dogs Are Tired!!

335Our Dogs are Tired!  It was non-stop, harvesting days from June to way into August.  Just as suddenly as they began, they also came to a halt.  We are still picking enough to offer a basket or bag at our country store if you are passing through; however, not enough for a special trip from a distance.  We hope you liked what you got this summer.  We ate a lot of them on the picking crew and it felt good to know they were going to be good and sweet when everyone returned home with theirs.Cooper Farms Peach 2014 2

It is now time to turn to other chores around the farm.  Once the peaches are gone we are readying the greenhouse for new tomato plants for the fall.  Also broken tree limbs in the orchards need cutting, young trees need hoeing out around the trunks, and tractors need preventative maintenance.  So Tim will be trying to get all that accomplished soon.  Liz and Brady head back to Texas A&M for their senior year where they are majoring in horticulture.  Ben has some good things in store at our Cooper Farms Country Store, so we hope you continue to stop in during the year and see what he has baked up each day.

IMG_8618Our family just wants to say thank you for including us in your summer events.  We are thankful and grateful for all the blessings God has showered on us.  We also thank him for all the lessons we have learned this year.  Our heavenly Father is faithful to never leave us.  Because of Jesus Christ we have hope for the future and confidence to greet each morning with purpose and anticipation.  What more could a farmer and his family desire.

Have a blessed day,

Kathy Cooper

Freestone Peaches in Fairfield at the Cooper Farms Country Store

cooperfarms_store You can still get some tree-ripened freestone peaches in the month of August at the Cooper Farms Country Store at exit 198 on Interstate 45 in Fairfield, Texas.   The peaches will be here for another two to three weeks.  All of the out-of-town stands are now closed. We want to be sure we have enough peaches here at home for those driving all the way to Fairfield to get your peaches. However, FAIRFIELD STORES ARE OPEN!!  The country store is open from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. every day of the week.

bags  peachzzzzsupa cootveggies



Peaches are Still With Us; However, the Out-of-Town Locations are closing down quickly

picking peaches

Out of Town Roadside Stands will be closing down one at a time in the upcoming weeks as we begin to keep the peaches available for our Fairfield store.


We will no longer be at the Waco location after today (Thursday, July 24th, 2014) and have already ruled out the Centerville location.  Conroe and Huntsville are open today and will be open Friday and Saturday of this week.  If we still have enough peaches, Conroe and Huntsville will also be open the next week on Friday, August 1st, and Saturday, August 2ndbags.

What we truly thought was going to be a short crop because of the early March freezes ended up being the most beautiful crop we have seen in a long time.  Though the yields were down, the fruit has made up for it in size and beauty.  It is a joy to walk up to a tree and just be in awe of what God provided for us to pick!  We hope you are enjoying what has come off the trees this year.

We still have plenty of peaches in Fairfield and plan to have enough for many weeks to come still.  So come see us while the peaches are here.

treestimmeh orchard

We Plan to Be Open 4th of July in Fairfield, Texas and at Roadside Stands

field picsfield pics 2field pics 5

Just wanted to let everyone know we will be open this weekend at all of our locations.  Cooper Farms Country Store is open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm.  Conroe and Waco will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Huntsville and Centerville will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We will load the trucks heavy with peaches to ensure we don’t sell out early.

college station hebAnother option for finding peaches this week are the Central Market Stores in Fort Worth, Southlake, Plano, Dallas, Houston, and Austin-Westgate, and the H-E-B stores in Houston-Pasadena, Houston-Friendswood, Houston-Bellaire, College Station (William Fitch Parkway), and Waco-Hewitt.

We will keep picking peaches this week and bringing them out of the fields.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.field pics 3field pics 4

JULY Peaches are Here Already?

That’s right…. it’s only June but the peaches we usually begin to see coloring on July 4th are ready to be picked.
photo2 image  photo3      And did we pick some pretty stuff today!  We have been picking Lorings, Redglobes, Surecrop, Julyprince, Regals, right along with Harvesters and Cornets.  The timely rains have encouraged these beauties along and they seem to be in a hurry to arrive.  So we have been keeping our picking trailer in high gear, making sure we capture every peach as it gets ready.  For those of you who like to order ahead and pick up at our various locations, I urge you to begin your pilgrimages now!  Its time to come for freestone peachesphoto8photo4

We have finally settled in to these locations for our out of town trucks:

CONROE at Woodbury Community Gardens at 2600 Longmire Road on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (9am to 4pm or sellout)1165

WACO at Cefco at 616 LakeAir Drive on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (9am to 4pm or sellout)246

HUNTSVILLE at Skipper’s Phillips 66 at exit 116 on the east side of I-45 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (9am to 4pm or sellout)043 (2)

CENTERVILLE at Los Robles on the west side of I-45 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (9am to 4pm or sellout)268

If you are driving a long distance to any of these locations please call on that day to make sure we are there as plans can change if things happen beyond our control.


FAIRFIELD at Cooper Farms Country Store at exit 198 on the west side of I-45 is our favorite location! (open every day of the week from 7am to 10 pm)inside_store_5-7-11photocooperfarms_store


We have partnered with Central Markets Stores in Austin/Westgate, Ft. Worth, Southlake, Plano, Dallas/Lovers, and Houston/Westheimer where you can shop at your convenience in the produce department.

College Station H-E-B is making our peaches available for those in the Bryan/College Station and surrounding area.  As we deliver jarred product to the various H-E-B stores in the Houston area, we will also make an effort to take peaches along with that delivery.  So don’t be surprised if you see our peaches in an HEB in your area now and again.


A typical day here at the farm begins at 5am.  As Brady Johnson is loading trucks for out of town, our driver going to the Central Market stores has already left out a few hours before.  Tim is making breakfast and trying to wake Kathy up with a cup of coffee.  By 6 Tim has breakfast ready for Kathy and Brady and himself.  Liz will be getting up knowing the stands in Fairfield need a supply of peaches to start off the morning.  By 6:30 Brady and Kathy are out the door going to the fields on the picking trailer.  Tim will be on the tractor most of the morning taking care of the irrigation, weed control,  and looking at fruit that will be picked in the following days.  Liz is making sure all the out-of town trucks are on their way and the roadside stand in Fairfield is supplied.  Meanwhile Ben is starting the day at Cooper Farms Country Store.

Picking goes on all morning from 6:30 to 12:00 when everyone gets a 30 minute break for lunch and some rest.  Then it’s back to filling up those boxes, trudging through mud, and tall grass, making sure every tree on the row is looked at and every ready peach is captured.  While Kathy separates peaches and inspects peaches, she tries to answer phone calls and emails on her cell phone as the picking trailer rocks along going down the rows.  If rain showers don’t interrupt the rhythm of the tractor wheels, the trailer gets filled up twice a day and all the peaches head for the shed.  Once there the peaches are place in cold storage to draw out the orchard heat.  This gets them ready to be shipped either to roadside stands or stores.  Brady and Liz palletize the peaches in the evening and load them on the truck going to Central Market the night before they go out.  Everything is ready for the driver to take them on their way in the early hours of the night.  The peaches going to the roadside stands are palletized  the night before and left in the coolers overnight, ready to be loaded right before leaving out the following morning.  By 9 pm everyone is ready to drop into bed and get some sleep before doing it all over again the next day.  But before going to sleep we thank our Heavenly Father for the bounty, for the strength, for his goodness and for his salvation.  We are reminded its all about HIM.

God is good all the time and all the time God is Good.